The world of gastronomy is developing immensely in Israel and abroad, and at the same time the demand for qualified professionals in this field is rising. Both the style and quality of life makes people to enjoy good meals and air, design and style. It becomes common to drop on a good cafeacute; or to watch a popular cuisine show, to read about nourishment in the newspapers and books, and, more important, to engage in meals preparation. Today more than 3,000 professionals are demanded in culinary field in Israel

Hachef college is a unique institution that specializes in professional cookery, confectionary and festival productions. It provides answers for the job market in these fields. Hachef college is netted over all Israel, it is a leading college in culinary field. The college is exclusively acknowledged and works in cooperation with Israeli Chefs Union that is a part of World Chefs Union. The certificate that is given after successful exams is acknowledged in Israel and in the world

Our lecturers and curriculum

The team of lecturers includes leading chefs, pastry-cooks, and designers, all of which have rich experience in presented subjects as well as rich pedagogic and practical experience. The curriculum is innovative and adjusted to fast developing culinary world

Who are our courses intended to

The courses are intended to amateurs, who want to acquire professional basis and to those who have professional experience already and are interested to acquire new knowledge

Who are our students

About 1,200 students study in Hachef college currently. The subjects are presented in hotel style and air. Hachef college has unique facilities: fully equipped classes, modern kitchens, including comfortable work stations for students, so that students will implement theoretical knowledge received in the college. In the beginning of the course every student receives professional kit, that includes textbooks, professional clothing (chef jacket and a hat) professional literature and all the raw materials

Stage and specialization

Hachef college has close ties with leading hotels, halls, prestige restaurants, caterings and pastry shops in Israel, where it aims its students for stage period. Its graduates are integrated in leading hotels and restaurants in Israel and abroad

Hachef College opens a new and unique horizon for all its students that combines creativeness, imagination and good taste.